Views of other CRM authors



Radek Hrachovec

Do you need advise or inspiration with relation to your loyalty program? Blogs of Radek Hrachovec are the most worthy choices in CEE region in that regard. Not only was he the manager of several successful loyalty schemes, but his brisk insights into CRM topics qualify him year after year to take part in international juries judging the efficiency of loyalty programs.


Peter Fusek

Extensive experience in Banking sector and passion for Telco industry are forged by Peter into one of the first, real Big Data services in Slovakia. In his blogs he serves examples of Data Monetization and modern ways of data processing. But make no mistake, Peter is gladly apt to answer any question from “traditional” CRM space with similar passion.


Peter Krišťák

CRM and client data processing has mushroomed into several distinct areas over time. Pricing-literacy standard is being regularly elevated  by blogs of Peter Krišták. His brisk writing style makes you quickly zero on pothole of your business costing you missed or leaked revenue and profits. Peter’s ideas are must read for any entrepreneurs striving to set their own prices.