MACHINE LEARNING goes physical [2021 trends]

We all got used to (not necessarily appreciative of) machine learning recommending products, sorting our social media feeds or matching us with potential dating partners. However, the common factor of all this AI use-cases has been that it tries to influence our lives through software interface. Experts believe 2021 will change this, with machine learning entering also our physical lives. Not convinced? Read on.

Most of the autonomous machines have been developed for close environments of the factories, warehouses or other sites that are insulated from real human humming. The reason why machines were not allowed “out among humans” is that constrained environments set the sensing and intelligence need bar just low enough for machines to actually exceed it. However, recent development in reinforcement learning, NLP, computer vision and auto-ML areas have opened room for constructing intelligent machines that manage to operate also in open society.

The main point of change is that above mentioned cocktail of AI approaches gives machines chance to learn beyond their original scope of responsibilities (may the need be and opportunity be granted by its creators). As result, we will meet robots moving along to fulfill their duties. The interesting part of this change is that it all will happen without the consent of individuals passing by. (Can you object to street sweeping machine, it if does not hurt anybody and does not destroy anything of the value?) One should also admit that highest goal of first ML moving objects “out in wild”, most likely, will be to avoid humans first place. So, machine learning will not only get physical, but also (somewhat) ignorant.




Publikované dňa 10. 1. 2021.