CRM brainteasers or job interview tasks. Do you dare?

If you search the web or social media, you find plethora of math brainteasers. But if you want to put your grayish matter to test in CRM or Marketing there is not that many of riddles from these areas. You sit candidate for marketing position interview and lack some juicy case study to scan his/her real CRM abilities? There is a hope for you, now.

In past, you might have come across some of the beloved, older round of CRM riddles (I. round,  II. round or III. round , sorry some only in Slovak) After bit of s short break, here we are with 4th round of the cunning CRM mind/benders. Do you dare to get them correct ?


4th Round Of CRM Riddles

4.1 Drier offer

You really had a weird day today. You are manager of CRM team of larger, national electricity utility for households with more than 800.000 retail clients. The VP of Marketing&Sales stopped by your table in the afternoon and passionately talked you through details of new cooperation contract with major electronic appliances chain, just signed by the board of your company. The pilot project of this new cooperation program will be aimed at offering well-discounted cloth drier to your customer base. You are asked for just a little help: to identify a proper target group for this offer. As you company has digital electricity usage meter installed for each customer, you have a 24 month-long history of electricity consumption in hourly readings from each of the customer. On top of that you have a customer profile with basic client data from contract signed between your company and the end/customer. How would you select the clients for mentioned drier offer ?


4.2 Vitamins at the petrol station

You were fed/up with bank analyst job, so you switched a job and now for more than 2 months you already as data analyst in large chain of petrol stations. Your company, operating aloyalty card program, has recently decided to extend the range of assortment offered at their petrol outlets with additional line of unregulated Vitamin products. You are asked to narrow down the selection of clients that should receive (fancy and thus costly) Vitamins introducing direct mail form the central marketing team.  You are still under probabtion period, so you don’t want to spoil this and let your skills shine to superiors. How would you select the customers to be addressed?


4.3 Opening own chain of BIO restaurants

Obviously, more than 9 years in CRM team of the national Telco operator has allowed for loads of bizarre situations. But this made certainly your heart skip a beat. Top management of your Telco company has YESed to launch of new, own chain of BIO FOOD restaurants. You think they must be nuts, but after all its their business to burn the company cash. Or is it? Well would be fine, if only you haven’t been asked to generate list of existing clients that are highly probable to become clients of the soon-to-be restaurant chain. You have extracted all data and behavior insights (from Telco) that you have at disposal on clients had ever passed buy selected locations. How would you pick the correct target group ?



doprava_mhd4.4 Interesting travelers’ behavior

For years you have pulled levers of central insight team for public transport operator in large 1.000.000+ European city (think Prague for instance). Your employer has issued local chip-enabled traveller’s ID that stores client identity and his travel season ticket. All of the vehicles operated by your company are fitted with strong chip readers located at any door of the vehicle. Thus, all clients entering and leaving vehicle are logged into your database. For each of the passenger you have at least 2 years of their travel history and these chip/running clients account for more than 85% of all transport company revenue. Propose 20 cunning client behavior parameters that you can distill from the data at your hand. How creative will you be ?


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Publikované dňa 1. 12. 2016.