DATA JOBS MARKET in GERMANY | 2023-05 overview

Data job market slowly shrinking | Most stable in Data Engineering, but leaning rather towards mid-spectrum | Munich still desperate for Data Scientists, in Hamburg and Cologne the Data Science demand dropped | Data Consulting jobs evaporated | Smaller German cities still in hunt for Data analysts


Every month I try to bring update to the German labor market in area of Data professions. Feel free to use this overview for you own orientation or for scanning market opportunities (which ever side of the job interview table you plan to sit on 😊 )  This report is by no means intended to replace official job market stats, so please note that it is commenting development in monthly batches and there can be other sources that describe the job market dynamics in more granular form.


Data Engineers – close to stagnating

Gradual cool down of the data jobs demonstrates itself also in the Data Engineering space, but the drops in demand for this profession are the mildest and Data engineering is only less than 1% below stagnation trend. Interestingly, Berlin and Munich are still hungry for new Data Engineers (have higher number of open positions than last month), but secondary hubs (like Hamburg or Frankfurt) already filled in many positions (or withdrew their hiring intentions).

When it comes to demand for different seniority levels, vast open positions do not indicate any seniority requirement (and go with just generic Data engineer). Among those explicitly looking for Senior data engineers, the demand has dropped by ~ 300 positions, taking the share of open Senior positions to 15.9% from all vacancies. ON the other extreme of the spectrum, there is 200 less open Junior Data engineers job ads, accounting for 5.7% of all open data engineering positions.

Demand by #worklocation:

#BERLIN                           19.7%   [2 203 open positions]

#MUNICH                        10.9%   [1 219]

#HAMBURG                    7.7%     [   861]

#FRANKFURT                   6.0%     [   671]

#COLOGNE                      4.2%     [   470]


Data engineering job by the #SENIORITY:

#Junior                                            5.7%   [   637]

#Midlevel (or unspecified)          78.4%   [8 768]

#Senior                                          15.9%   [1 778]


Data Scientists – Some cities getting into desperate mode

Also jobs in area of Data Science are slowly (by -6.5%) declining in number of open positions, though the base is still well above 40 000 vacancies. Generic positions were less prominent (their share dropped below 70%), companies’ demand rather grows in explicit Senior or Junior roles. That usually signals that companies with more clearer projects in mind spearhead the development in last weeks.

Geographically interesting play unveils. While Berlin (and Hamburg) slowly step-by-step saturate their Data Science needs, Frankfurt and Munich can’t get enough of what they want. The situation seems to be getting desperate mainly in Munich, which is the only larger German city where the demand for Data Scientist is still significantly growing (+21% vs. overall -7% drop in Germany). If the situation persists this might overheat the local market leading to compensation bands piking steeply up.  On the contrary the market has almost frozen in Cologne, where within 1 month there is 1300 less open Data Science positions. With such a strong tempo of decline, this can’t be possibly just positions being filled-in do fast and thus rather signals a lot of companies with-drawing their original requisitions.

Demand by #worklocation:

#BERLIN                           17.2%   [7 438 open positions]

#MUNICH                        13.0%   [5 622]

#HAMBURG                      6.5%    [2 811]

#FRANKFURT                  6.2%    [2 681]

#COLOGNE                        1.9%    [   822]


Data engineering job by the #SENIORITY:

#Junior                                          10.3%   [  4 454]

#Midlevel (or unspecified)          68.3%   [29 538]

#Senior                                          21.4%   [  9 255]


Data Analysts – Consulting jobs evaporated month on month

Market of the Data analysts gets saturated the faster, where the drop in demand was -7.3%. The main driver for this is sudden drop in demand for consultants with data analytical roles, where almost 40% of last months consultant roles are not advertised any more (compared to month ago). The outlook of consulting companies (and units) is pretty distressed and, hence, hiring of these roles stepped understandably “on breaks”. More positive trends in specific analytical roles are in Marketing and Pricing, where number of open positions stagnates (or even slowly grows).

All major big German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne) seem to be jumping on the declining trend of the Data analysts’ positions. The development was fastest in Frankfurt, where demand dropped by almost 38%. Very different picture we can see in lower tiers of the analytical hubs (like Stuttgart and Dusseldorf ), where similar number of open data analyst positions still preserves. So if you are willing to move (or work remotely) to smaller city, your chances of being premium (and wanted) candidate are significantly better there.

An interesting trend is also that data analytical positions are dropping so fast, that if they sustain this trajectory than next month (in June 2023) there might be more Data Science positions open than Data analysts. This would also confirm that with (generative) AI booming, companies rather seek talent from more sophisticated tiers of data skills. We will closely watch the development and debate it in more detail in next edition of the job market scan.

Demand by #role:

#BI                                         23.1%   [10 497 open positions]

#CONSULTANT                16.9%   [7 673]

#MARKETING                    2.0%    [   920]

#SALES                                  0.5%    [   214]

#PRODUCT MNG.             0.4%    [   173]

#RICING                                0.1%    [     48]


Demand by #worklocation:

#BERLIN                           10.4%   [4 714 open positions]

#MUNICH                        9.6%     [4 368]

#HAMBURG                    7.7%     [3 515]

#FRANKFURT                   4.5%     [2 045]

#COLOGNE                        4.5%    [2 039]

#DUESSELDORF                 4.6%    [2 088]

#STUTTGART                     4.4%    [1 983]


Data engineering job by the #SENIORITY:

#Intern                                          0.4%     [     196]

#Junior                                          9.1%     [  4 144]

#Midlevel (or unspecified)          80.9%   [36 831]

#Senior                                          9.6.4%  [  4 367]

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