Data job market continuously shrinking | Even Data Engineering in drop, though least of all Data jobs| Stuttgart overtaking Cologne in most of the Data job categories | Pricing analyst (as separate category) almost evaporated | Smaller German cities still in hunt for Data analysts


Every month I try to bring update to the German labor market in area of Data professions. Feel free to use this overview for you own orientation or for scanning market opportunities (which ever side of the job interview table you plan to sit on 😊 )  This report is by no means intended to replace official job market stats, so please note that it is commenting development in monthly batches and there can be other sources that describe the job market dynamics in more granular form.


Data Engineers – drop into decline as well

Though Data engineers was the “last fort standing” in German data jobs market, in June 2023 it falls into 1.1% decline as well. This is due to different dynamics in Berlin (where demand dropped -19% MoM) and Munich that is still hungry for new Data Engineers (number of open roles wen up by +12% MoM). Interesting change is also happening in west and west-south Germany, where demand in Cologne dropped so drastically (-20%) that it fell even behind Stuttgart (growing by +7%) for the first time in measurement history.

When it comes to demand for different seniority levels, the vast majority of open positions remain without any seniority indication (and go with just generic Data engineer). Among those explicitly looking for Senior data engineers, the demand increased by ~170 positions, taking the share of open Senior positions to 17.6% from all vacancies. ON the other extreme of the spectrum, there is about same number of open Junior Data engineers job ads, accounting for 6.2% of all open data engineering vacancies.

Demand by #worklocation:

#BERLIN                           16.2%   [1 792 open positions]

#MUNICH                        12.4%   [1 372]

#HAMBURG                    6.3%     [   697]

#FRANKFURT                   5.6%     [   620]

#COLOGNE                      3.4%     [   376]

#STUTTGART                   4.2%     [   465]


Data engineering jobs by the #SENIORITY:

#Junior                                            6.2%    [   686]

#Midlevel (or unspecified)          76.2%   [8 431]

#Senior                                          17.6%   [1 947]



Data Scientists – Falling through a hole

Also jobs in area of Data Science have been are slowly (by -6.5%) declining already before, the dynamics accumulate to pretty bleak total picture. Though there is till 40K data scientists wanted in Germany, in last 3M the demand dropped by whopping 19%. The slash is most visible in Junior spectrum, where there is -37% drop in demand MoM. Generic positions were also on decline (they dropped by -9%), but companies’ demand still grows in explicit Senior roles (+13%). Not sure if this is to already attributable to “GPT-effect”, but being Senior DS certainly puts you on the more promising side of the job market “river”. At least for now.

Geographically some interesting moves are happening as well. While Top 3 German Data Science hubs (Berlin, Munich and Hamburg) are already on brakes (~ -20% MoM), the south-west (Frankfurt, Stuttgart and cologne) still did not get what they were looking for (stable demand with even +1% growth). Out of these secondary hubs, the market has almost frozen in Cologne, to the point that Stuttgart overtook Cologne also in Data Science positions. Other 2nd tier cities like Frankfurt and already mentioned Stuttgart keep their Data Science appetite still high, so some hopes to get interesting job offer there are alive.

Demand by #worklocation:

#BERLIN                           14.2%   [5 716 open positions]

#MUNICH                        11.5%   [4 629]

#HAMBURG                      5.7%    [2 295]

#FRANKFURT                     6.7%    [2 697]

#COLOGNE                        2.0%    [   805]

#STUTTGART                     3.3%    [1 328]



Data engineering jobs by the #SENIORITY:

#Junior                                          6.9%     [  2 778]

#Midlevel (or unspecified)          67.0%   [26 972]

#Senior                                          26.1%   [10 057]


Data Analysts – Only midlevel BI keeping somewhat afloat

The market of the Data analysts is also in several months falling streak. In June the drop is -6.8%.  The only sub-group of analytical jobs that keeps the line of demand are Business Intelligence analysts, who recorded +2%, all other analytical positions shrink the open positions demand. The trends are not positive for the edges of the seniority spectrum, where only the mid-tier was able to keep itself afloat. Within the last month the market has dropped appetite for both super Senior as well as Junior positions. Interestingly enough, the pricing analyst market is almost non-existent. In whole Germany, there is less than 30 open positions for Pricing analyst in total.

Geographically the development is having its own branches as well. Most big German cities (Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf) are deep in the declining trend of the Data analysts’ positions. Contrary to development in Data Science and Data Engineering, where Stuttgart is booming, in Data Analytics it records the hardest percental drop (-33%). On the contrary two German hubs where the demand is still on rise in Berlin and Frankfurt, where MoM there were more open positions, despite the general decline on federal level. So where does the drop really happen? Well, it is smaller cities and rural areas that dropped the ball in last month. You can see that well also from the fact that while in May the share of top 7 cities together held 45% of all open data analysts offers, in June it is up to nearly 49%, signaling the higher absence of the smaller cities in the jobs mix.


Demand by #role:

#BI                                   25.4%   [10 770 open positions]

#CONSULTANT                17.4%   [7 372]

#MARKETING                    2.2%    [   916]

#SALES                              0.5%    [   226]

#PRODUCT MNG.             0.6%    [   254]

#PRICING                           0.1%    [     21]


Demand by #worklocation:

#BERLIN                           11.7%   [4 951 open positions]

#MUNICH                        9.8%     [4 137]

#HAMBURG                    8.2%     [3 494]

#FRANKFURT                   6.9%     [2 936]

#COLOGNE                        4.7%    [2 005]

#DUESSELDORF                 4.0%    [2 697]

#STUTTGART                     3.2%    [1 338]


Data engineering job by the #SENIORITY:

#Intern                                          0.4%     [     196]

#Junior                                          9.1%     [  4 144]

#Midlevel (or unspecified)          80.9%   [36 831]

#Senior                                          9.6.4%  [  4 367]


In general, after somewhat cloudy spring, the market of open positions in data jobs in full decline on all three important verticals (Data Engineering, Data Science and Data analytics). If you live in big cities it might not feel like that because there are usually 500+ positions to choose from (which sounds like a plethora of choice without relocation need). But one should realize that fewer and fewer open positions signal that companies are not in hiring sprees. That also means that budgets will be tighter and salary ceilings not that high above as before. From my own experience as hiring manager for data roles in I can also add that international candidates (mainly from outside of EU) are still eager to take their chance to shine. Thus, the competition is getting tighter as well. When you plan your next career move no German data jobs market, do a bit of your research before “jumping into water”. Good luck and see you in the next edition of this regular report.

Publikované dňa 2. 6. 2023.