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For more than 12 years I have been working on building and riding the trains of CRM innovation within different industries including Banking, Insurance, Telco and Retail.

Over those years CRM and BigData turned from sole work to both hobby and daily portion adrenaline to making things move ahead. As it is for any competence essential to instill the discussion on new trends and modern approaches in it, I devote my (often spare) time in seeking the new ways of understanding and predicting client behavior or monetizing the data they generate for us. The mission of this blog is to keep all of us looking ahead (enough) into next CRM challenges.

I am passionate early adopter of future trends and turn my (and others’ experience) into blogs, speaker sessions, discussion round tables and articles. Feel free to contact me over LinkedIn , Twitter of Google+.

Publikované dňa 12. 9. 2016.