CRM blogs: What to read in EN from this CRM blog?

Within more than 10 years, that I have been working on CRM, this topic morphed from marginal side stuff into multi-branch issue tree living its own expert life. Before creating THE MIGHTY DATA portal, I wrote articles and blogs for leading Slovak economic weekly TREND. To help you to orientate in what my blog has covered in CRM area in given period, below you can find list of those previous blogs before setting-up THE MIGHTY DATA portal:

Modern CRM trends

Central Europe might be business- and CRM-wise intensive, but still, it makes great sense to seek inspiration in other markets as well. Following group of blogs depict some of the inspirational modern trends in CRM and data usage. Blogs include a few reports from top-notch CRM conferences, I had participated in:

One-to-one marketing is dead! Here comes ONE-TO-ZERO marketing!!!

Already planning for 2016? Get inspired by largest CRM insight event – Part I.

Why are we all so sleepy lately ? – II. part      [DialogKonferansen 2015]

Data underdogs: what they are and how to spot them?

“Ryanair”-like database test: Big Data layers (not only) in Slovakia

What can we learn from Nordic marketers?    [Dialogkonferansen 2014]


Predicting client behavior

Most of us are used to predicting the basic propensities (to buy, to churn, …). How about some more exotic ones? Read-on for some of the less common examples of client behavior prediction:

How to detect “Greek“ tendencies among your clients?


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CRM in various industries

Different industry, different needs. Though there are some overarching principles of CRM, there is plenty of stuff that has been intensified more in some business segment or the other. Following blogs try illustrate the CRM hypes of individual business industries:

SMS from operator “We are sorry your relationship has crashed.” Like what?!

What can supermarket tell about your health status?

ATM, E-banking, Smart-banking. What’s next?

Going for a holiday? Who earns more on you: Bank, Insurer or Telco company?

Would you be good match for CRM job?

There is no shortage of math riddles on web or within social media. However, if you wish to put your brain to text in marketing or CRM riddles, you don’t find that much of them. Are you hiring a CRM person and you look for real-world puzzle to test his/her CRM skills within the interview? Here are few of those:

Marketing riddles (and solutions to them)

(there are 3 more rounds of similar riddles published in Slovak, which are just in progress to get translated to EN, so expect more, soon)


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Do you miss any specific topic? Propose your own topic, on which you desire to red more about.

No one can be possibly expert on on of all the CRM areas. Thus I am proud to listen to those who have something reasonable in CRM arena. Feel free to read through views of other CEE CRM experts.


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