We agree to PAY to be FREE OF ADVERTS [2021 trends]

Observing the user trends, experts suggest that world’s love affair with free online services might be coming to its end. Even the most naïve users grasp the idea that free-for-me means that provider of the service has to live out of advertising (or selling user data), both annoying enough to take few bucks out of wallet to silence it.

There are also benefits on provider’s side to dump the ad-based model and go with “just pay for this, please” alternative. In order to dwell on the advertising model, companies need to invest a lot in setting, maintaining (and defending against data privacy regulators) tracking of the users. If that accounts for significant part of your cost-base, dropping altogether brings the needed break-even price of service much lower. So maybe you try?

Few quarters back we have seen already rise of the newsletters and online publishing platforms that strive to deliver high-quality, ad-free, paid content. Even web-search can become paid, to ensure you really get impartial info (and are spared from revealing what you have been searching for). If this comes from companies like Neeva, launched by Sridhar Ramaswamy, former SVP of Google Ads, you should watch the trend closely. Free services build our habits to have the info (for free). Now we finally mentally cracked through hurdle of throwing euro here and there on having those services “ourway”. If your business lives off advertisement-fees or your user acquisition stems heavy from advertisement, mind the ad-free gap, please!




Publikované dňa 10. 1. 2021.