STORY-telling moves to PHONES [2021 trends]

Pointing out that having mobile optimized content feels like suggestion from 5-10 years ago. Yes, in all the areas where customer was proactively trying to get something (think E-commerce or just News), content has been adjusted to be (almost) mobile-first. But hold-on, how about content that was telling stories and/or trying to teach something?

Pick Fairy tale or Crime story. Now try to reach back in your memories: How did you learn the story first place? Yes, when it comes to stories and narratives, the dominant media are still literature, cinema or television. All of them trying to catch their teeth on mobile, but – honestly – hardly mobile-first experience. That is just about to change.

Text stories, fiction and other story-telling is moving from “static content to view” into “interactive content you can shape”. Apps like Episode or Choices that offer exactly that kind of content are gaining daily users by millions ! But next step-up in the industry is only just about to happen. German studio Everbyte is preparing interactive thriller series Duskwood for mobile rendering only. Moreover, Electric Noir Studios already released Dead Man’s Phone crime series, where the spectator actually takes active role of the detective investigating the murders through victims’ smartphones, even including Zoom calls to lead interrogation of potential villains (played by yet other users).

Interestingly this entertainment segment seems to be skewed more into female audience, who happen to be power users of these apps more often than their male counterparts. Thus, it might be promising marketing vehicle of future, as well. Mobiles hunger to grab our lives one piece at time. Will storytelling become mobile-first, same way we google things out of phone on party? Maybe. 2021 will tell more.

Let me make here one more personal note. Even though this trend takes story-telling in a bit narrower sense, the idea to transform my MightyData blog has been bubbling in my head for some time. Nudged by few other things, I decided to give it a try and format 2021 blogs into shorter (few paragraphs) read-bites. If you noticed, the 2021 trends are actually first attempt on move in that direction. (previous years’ trends have been monolithic blogs). If you are regular user of, in few months’ time I would shop for your feedback on if this feels more natural or the contrary. But until then, I keep it short. So, mic out, here.




Publikované dňa 10. 1. 2021.