RECRUITMENT will disconnect from your location [2021 trends]

The interesting part about WIRED 2021 trends is that they click into each other, reinforce each other much more than was usual in the previous years. That is also reason why teleworking norm, introduced (somewhat harshly) by pandemic lockdowns, has one more side effect: Recruitment will disregard your location.

This trend completely relates to my experience of last months. Once your LinkedIn profile gets some (thousands) visitors’ traffic per month, it is normal to receive few offers every now and then.  What stunned  me, though, how many of them were from locations completely unrelated to even continent I dwell on now. (Including one from F_____, social media company. No, not the Fwitter) The argument went “You can start completely remotely and later we decide if you want to move here”. And it all makes hack of the sense. I spent less than 10% of 2020 in my office. Thus, the 90% of my year could have been contracted equally easy for Kuala Lumpur, Sydney or Montevideo as it was for Berlin.

But carefully, that coin comes with two sides! For besides, you can work for your dream companies which reside in countries you would never move to, this trend also means your competition gets much fiercer. When all the sudden your location becomes back-seat to your skills or experience, you compete with, quite literally, anybody on earth (having computer access). So you better be one of the best ones or you might not qualify for next round of the hiring game. There is still time to think about it. Or to take benefit of fact you are in top tier in your area.

Ultimately this will lead, most likely, also to erecting of new “digital work only VISA”, where you will be allowed to work in (e.g. Shengen) zone, but would not gain permanent residency or even travel permit into area per se. See how we are converging to state repositioning again? Yes, terrific governments have much to win in next years.



Publikované dňa 10. 1. 2021.