LIFESTYLE morphs towards communities [2021 trends]

Out of long list of what you could do during lockdown’s, somewhere at the top was to rent/move to cottage in woods with good internet connection. As much as you might lough, one of the side effects of tele-working is that flats stand out as the worst places to telework from. You get all the discomfort of busy place (yes, think you, spouse and 2 kids in house scenario) with, ehm, no extras to compensate (and few kilos of body-fat as side effect). This trend goes hand in hand with States reprofiling (mentioned in this year’s trends as well).

But this “trash-the-office” mega trend will have another effect to adapt to. Vast empty office spaces. In many cities developers have built new shiny office towers in hope of luring the businesses from office complexes of the previous decades. After all, who would not like to boast in HR interview with all the Google-like perks? As a result, in many locations the (total) supply of office space (including the clumsy ones) was already pre-COVID slightly about demand. Now factor in few businesses going bust, many realizing that they do not need permanent office, and you end-up with plethora of hollow floors or even entire buildings.

So, what happens next? Small cities and communities will feel inflow, especially those close to pleasant nature habitat. End empty office spaces will turn into what there is already shortage in many metropoles: individual housing. Some urban planners even go as far as suggesting that shopping malls (hit by e-commerce habit being created) will need to convert some parts into in-house-parks or other amenities to attract the human flow needed for their business operation.



Publikované dňa 10. 1. 2021.