5+1 interesting AI videos

After reviews of some AI related books caught quite a interest from TheMightyData.com  community, I decided it to elaborate on these points a bit and point you to yet another insights….

[Berlin Meetup] Slides from presentation

Dear all, as you probably have noticed in my previous blog post, I had the pleasure to talk at the AI MEET-UP in Berlin on UNCONVENTIONAL & INNOVATIVE ways of doing FEATURE ENGINEERING….

Unconventional methods of Feature engineering

My dear fellows, after settling down in Berlin Datascience community and visiting few interesting, local meet-ups, I agreed to contribute to the community knowledge sharing as well. Thus, if you…

What ALTERNATIVE do we have to AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications are mushrooming in more and more areas of our lives. To read economic magazine without stumbling across AI article becomes almost impossible. As my…

Elections are like Hadoop

In my mother tongue, when one does not know/want to share reason for his actions he says “Lebo medved” (= due to the bear). That brings the actual bears off…